Arvid Salemark designs and crafts wooden furniture and sculptures. Every object is carefully given form in the intuitive working process.

Sketches, drawings and samples are used as guidelines, but the end result is not revealed until the last moment. Arvid Salemark draws

from manifold experiences and crafting skills.



“Listening to intuition in the process creates a holistic unit of the artist moving in and out of the creative flow, performing at

his best ability under the given circumstances. Thus it becomes possible to align with destiny and to create work, that bears marks

of other worlds from which it is channelled.”



brave little seahorse

beloved protégé of venus

attentive to the currents of the ocean

one with the flow







Östra Grevie fokhögskola – Måleri och skulptur -98 -99

Sätergläntan – Trä, form och tradition – 04 - 06

Capellagården - Möbel och inredningssnickeri – 06 - 09





Nordiska muséum – Sommarslöjd - 06

Virserums konsthall – Blod, slöjd och dårar - 09





Stiftelsen Siv och Carl Malmstens minne - 08





Castle of Kalmar – Tournament horse

Derivata Medicus – Waiting room shiatsu clinic



Innehar F- skattesedel